My Top 3 Bard Books.

You. Guys. Today I noticed two things that made me very excited. First, it's Shakespeare's birthday. Second, it's World Book Day. See, this is how you know I'm not a real literature nerd. A real literature nerd would have already known that World Book Day is ALWAYS on Shakespeare's birthday. Because, you know... It was … Continue reading My Top 3 Bard Books.



Yesterday, my brother sent me a message that simply read, "Notre-Dame is on fire." My heart plummeted and my hands shook as I did a quick internet search, my brain rejecting the photos on my screen. I found myself praying. For the rest of the day, I found myself walking around in a haze of … Continue reading Notre-Dame.

Emotional Words. Here's a fabulous TED Talk on the way our words for emotions have changed over the course of human history, and how that has effected the way we think. Good stuff to consider if you're writing historical fiction, perhaps, or if you're just a nerd about untranslatable words, like I am.