Broadway Sonnet 2.

Nothing new to report on the novel front, I'm afraid. My alphas haven't finished reading the thing yet, and I haven't mustered the courage to pick it up. Next week, I promise. In the meantime, here's another Broadway Sonnet for you, still from the magnificent Hamilton, but this time we get to hear from Aaron Burr. … Continue reading Broadway Sonnet 2.


Spinning in my Desk Chair.

This has been me for the past couple of weeks, people: Because I've been holding back some info that I'm rather excited about. I got invited to write a guest post over on The Bard and the Bible, sharing my favorite Shakespeare quotes. I was like: And then I was like: And then I was … Continue reading Spinning in my Desk Chair.

A Brief Introduction to Elisabeth Bridges.

I now interrupt your regularly scheduled Tuesday-and-Thursday blog schedule with these messages: The lovely Lynn over at Written Reflections has started a "Words on Wednesday" linkup for writers which I'm hoping to be able to participate in whenever I can. It's basically just a way for writers to share what they're up to, along with spewing words out … Continue reading A Brief Introduction to Elisabeth Bridges.