Color Wheel of Love.

Here's a good quiz for all the romance writers out there... although it can apply to everyone, of course. In the early 1970s, the psychologist John Alan Lee developed a way of explaining 6 primary and secondary "love styles" in terms of the color wheel. Frankly, I don't really understand the color wheel part, but … Continue reading Color Wheel of Love.


The 5 Love Languages: Not Just for Lovers.

For today's character development exercise, we're going to look at "The Five Love Languages," developed by Gary Chapman. Basically, there are 5 different ways people express and receive love: Words of Affirmation: Pretty much what it sounds like. Compliments are huge for these people. They love hearing the words "I love you," and why. Insults … Continue reading The 5 Love Languages: Not Just for Lovers.