Plenty of Dessert.

You know how if you go on a really restrictive rabbit-food diet, at some point you snap and eat all the sugar in sight?     It's the same way with writing. Due to my scatteriness lately, when I've been able to find time to write (and yes, I know that I'm supposed to MAKE … Continue reading Plenty of Dessert.


Tried and True Kicks in the Pants.

The above photo is an accurate portrayal of my life over the past couple of months. Every time I think I'm getting back to normal, something else pops up, and I feel as if I'm being pulled in a million different directions. My edges are beginning to fray. As a result, my writing (and blogging, … Continue reading Tried and True Kicks in the Pants.


What's that thing that happens to astronauts? That thing when they're shooting off into space at ridiculously high speeds and wonky stuff happens to their bodies? I don't know if that's even a thing, but that's what I'm beginning to feel like. We're halfway through the month, I'm halfway through my story, and I've written … Continue reading Zoom.