Reading Your Work Without PTSD.

As promised, here's my update after reading the NaNovel over Christmas. Surprise surprise, I was horribly nervous about it. I was feeling tons of regret over allowing my alpha readers access to it, and I was positive that I would feel like immolating the document, and myself along with it, after reading the first paragraph. … Continue reading Reading Your Work Without PTSD.


5 Questions for Alpha Readers.

Okay, folks. Last week I promised to let you know how it's going with allowing people to read my first draft. Well, I'll tell you. It's scary. Plus, I think I'm really starting to annoy people with my hand-wringing and repeated assertions that it's really such a mess so please don't expect it to be … Continue reading 5 Questions for Alpha Readers.


What's that thing that happens to astronauts? That thing when they're shooting off into space at ridiculously high speeds and wonky stuff happens to their bodies? I don't know if that's even a thing, but that's what I'm beginning to feel like. We're halfway through the month, I'm halfway through my story, and I've written … Continue reading Zoom.