Only You Know.

Hello there. Sorry about not blogging on Tuesday, I was still in a coma from meeting this guy:

1-00502 (2)

Yeah. He’s really, really sweet, folks.

Now, it’s entirely possible that I haven’t entirely recovered my equilibrium yet, because all I can think of to share with you today is this:

See, I know he’s talking about acting, and this is supposed to be about writing, but here’s the thing: It’s all the same, really. The struggles of living a creative life are constant, no matter what your specific field may be. Creativity always needs backing, and that means facing potential rejection. Creativity also needs an audience, and that audience might make assumptions about you based on your work. The trick is to soldier on, not allowing it to batter down your confidence or your sense of self.

This is immensely reassuring to me, because I’m horribly afraid of those things. Rejection, of course, is always scary, but I’m honestly more terrified of the way I will be perceived when I do put my work out into the world. Even writing this blog scares me, and I’ve been doing it for three years now. So to see someone who has managed to walk through much more rejection, acceptance, judgement, and success than I ever will without losing himself or his joy in the work is incredibly valuable to me.

And it is genuine, by the way. The sense I got in the short time I interacted with him was of a person who is very conscious of who he is, and who isn’t interested in putting on an act for anybody. Which, for an actor, is pretty dang impressive.

Plus he’s just so nice, and I like his face.


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