Happy Update.

Hi everyone! I almost forgot to blog today, but not for reasons of stress and bad news as has been all too common lately. This week I’ve had (almost) nothing but good things happen.

Apart from possibly hovering around the edges of heatstroke for six hours while pulling thistles out of a field in the blazing sun on Monday. But even that was kind of fun, because we made progress that satisfied even my competitive, perfectionist’s soul. It was a Young Life fundraiser, by the way.

That evening, I spent a ridiculous amount of money on a photo-op ticket with Tom Hiddleston, one of my favorite humans on the planet, which is taking place tomorrow. Hence the forgetfulness.

The day after, I got two bits of good news from my Instagram feed. (Check my sidebar if you like photos.) First, I won a giveaway from strangetraces! I will soon be the proud owner of a fantastic print of a skeleton doodle on a baby pink background. So me.

The next amazing thing is that I joined a blind-drawing art challenge, also on Instagram, and won the “gold medal.” So exciting and validating. I don’t talk much about my art on this blog, since it’s more writing focused, but it’s a massively important part of my life, and I love seeing that other people enjoy my wonky style.

Finally, my brother (who you all know as the resident poet) got an amazing job a week ago. He’ll be the Language Arts Interventionist at a local middle school, which means that he now possesses an amazing library of kids books that I’m hoping to get my grabby mitts on before school starts again. I’m so proud of him, and all the hard work he has done to get this far.

So yeah, that’s my life right now. I promise I’m still writing, and I’ll have an update on that for you all next week.

If I remember.

And if I survive getting to touch Henry V.

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