Tips from Other People, Part 6.

You know what, people? I’ve never written a story with an actual antagonist. I’m not sure why exactly, since I love a good villain as much as the next person.


Maybe it’s because I tend to be more interested in the complex problems that arise through lack of communication, or different definitions of love, rather than good guy/bad guy interactions. I’m not sure. It’s an interesting thing to consider, for sure, and may help me get closer to knowing what kind of story I really want to write.

But for now, we’re going to talk about baddies. Or rather, we’re going to read a post I found on Now Novel (a fabulous blog, and one I’m continually learning from) about how to make a convincing one. They start with a bullet list:

1. Give an antagonist unsavoury goals like Sauron or Lord Voldemort
2. Make your antagonist’s backstory believable
3. Make your antagonist’s misdeeds require decisive action
4. Show how your antagonist outwits opponents
5. Reveal the power an antagonist has over other characters
6. Don’t make overcoming your antagonist too easy
7. Read antagonist examples for description inspiration

And then proceed to elaborate on each point.

Hmmm… this has me wanting to write some nasty characters now. Time to spice it up.



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