Introducing the Resident Poet.

If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time (or just indulged in one enormous binge-read), you will have probably bumped into a post or two where I mention my resident poet. For clarification, he is my brother. He writes fantastic poems, contrasting with my terrible ones.

Today, I figured it would be fun to introduce him to you all, and what better way to introduce a resident poet than by sharing one of his poems? I asked him if I could share it first, of course, and he selected a few that he isn’t planning on publishing any time soon. To my surprise, the list included one of my absolute favorites. It’s called…

by Seth Bridges

Arriving blindly
At your mind’s-eye Hawaii
To find houses shedding paint and
Rain clouds over a heaving plain
Is a let-down.

You could turn back now
And go the way the wind blows,
Listen to rain and radio
All the way back to the been there,

Or maybe make the best of it…

Find a reason to stay.
Shelter under a tree
Or a boat on the beach,
Brush back the damp
Hair from your forehead,
Watch the wind
Carry down

A brown eagle
To the slated sand,
Shy of the glare
Of perfect summer.
The soft color of another season
Brings them out.

Later, when windows
Deepen to violet,
Peeling paint and
Sparkle of rain
On a tide sheet
Are reason enough
To be here.

There. Isn’t that nice? I told you he was good.

Also, I hope this is inspiring enough to make up for the fact that I couldn’t post anything on Tuesday. The downside to living in a forest is that sometimes the internet is crummy.



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