Tips from Other People, Part 5.

We’re getting ready for Camp NaNoWriMo this July! This month, we’re talking to Wrimos who are using the Camp format to work on non-novel projects. Today, participant Sofie Riis Endahl shares some of her tips for diving into editing work when your manuscript seems like such a mess that you’re not even sure where to…

via 4 Steps to Start Editing a Mess — National Novel Writing Month

Massive shout-out to young writers with wayyyy more experience than me! This post on the NaNoWriMo blog was written by a sixteen-year-old girl who has written 9 (yes, you read that right) YA novels.

Now, there wasn’t really anything new in this blog post… it’s all good, basic advice on what to do with that floppy mass that you WERE calling a novel a couple of months ago while you wrote it. The reason I’m sharing it is more because of how the tips are presented. Sophie writes very calmly and logically about how to look at your work before you plunge into the editing process. It’s a sort of literary equivalent to being told to take ten deep breaths when you can feel panic starting to set in.

Which is good, because I tend to panic a lot when I look at my first drafts.

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