That Sonnet I Mentioned.

So in my last post I was telling you lovely folks about a sonnet my character wrote. Well, almost a sonnet. Three quatrains, anyway. The couplet still hasn’t come to me, but I reckon I’ll share it with you anyway. Mainly because I’m in a huge rush today and don’t have time for a longer post.

When came this orphan feeling to my soul
That permeates me to the very bone?
I, who have every reason to be whole,
Shatter with the desire to be unknown.
Yet not desire, not that, for then I’d be
No orphan, but a hermit. Far removed
From any who might peer to close and see
My weakness. I’d wait no more to be approved.
No. I wait here, lonely and bereft,
Hoping for just a single heart to reach
Out, and with a touch to seal the cleft
Whose draining power I cannot frame in speech.

Anyway, there you have it. He’s kind of a lonely boy.

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