Constructive People Watching.


I am a people watcher. I’m guessing many writers are. People (in the abstract) are endlessly fascinating to me. Their mannerisms, what they are eating, reading, saying… are they listening to music? Are they animated in their conversation? Are they watching ME?

Every time I see people (which, let’s face it, isn’t very often. My house is surrounded by very tall trees), I end up with a mind filled with faces. But I’m not always very good at harnessing those impressions and making them work for me. So I’ve decided to try something new. If I’m people watching, I need to ask myself two questions: “Why?” and “What if…?”

For instance, hey, there’s a girl wearing red lipstick. Why? Is she meeting someone? What if she’s wearing it specifically so that she will look pretty, but also to discourage any kissing? (I know if I were a guy, I’d think twice about kissing red lips…)



Remember thisĀ moment from To Catch a Thief? Where she shuts the door in his face (Ice cold, like a total boss) and he turns around with her lipstick all over his mouth? Yeah, that’s what I always think of. I was trying to find a gif of that moment, because Cary Grant is hilarious, but I guess people are more interested in the kiss itself… I wonder why???


And there you have it. Plus, it will be extra motivation to carry my notebook around with me, a habit I’m still a bit dodgy with.

So anyways, just a quick declaration of intent. Now I have to actually do it. I’ll report back after I’ve tried it a few times, and let you all know if it’s working.



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