Second Annual Christmas Post.

It sounds strange to call something “annual” when you’ve only done it once before.

I’m banking on it becoming a legitimately annual thing, however, so it works.

But I digress from the festive point. Last year, I was feeling distinctly Scrooge-ish. This year, I’m pleased to report, I’ve been feeling much more Cratchitty. So in the spirit of celebrating the holiday, here are a few of the things I’ve been enjoying lately:

In the first place, we had our annual Young Life White Elephant Gift Exchange last night.

Meet Didien Razzmatazz, everyone.


Honestly, this picture does not do him justice. He’s like three feet tall (ish. I haven’t actually measured him), and he can slow dance.

Beat that, fellas.

Next, @thiscitylifeldn on Instagram has been posting pictures of Christmassy London:

I’m firmly convinced that London does Christmas far better than any American city. Jealous.

So that takes care of the parties and the visuals. Now there is only one thing left: The music.

This song goes out to all you unhappy people who have last-minute gift shopping to finish.


Merry Christmas, everybody!



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