Okay, some of you might have noticed that I didn’t post a blog on Tuesday, and I never even tweeted to let you know. I’m assuming your faces looked something like this:


Or maybe you didn’t even notice. Which is fine. Absolutely fine. It’s not like my feelings are irreparably hurt or anything.


But anyway, this is just a quick update to tell you that I have been up to my ears helping my live-in poet / brother complete his giant teacher’s certification test, and therefore I don’t have time to post anything thought-provoking today, either.


Yes. I am serious. “But someday, when the world is ready for a new and better life… all this will someday come to pass… In God’s good time…”

As in, I’ll be back on Tuesday as usual.

Bonus game: If anybody can tell me where that last quote came from, you can pick a topic for a forthcoming blog post. Any topic. Completely up to you. Just comment down below, or tweet me, or shout through a megaphone, or whatever your preferred method of communication may be.

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