Get With the Group.

A writing group, that is.

I know, probably a lot of you out there are already part of one, and if you are, congratulations, you may skip the rest of this post.

But there are probably a few of you die-hard introverts out there (like me) who are thinking… naaaaahhhh, I’m good.

No. No, you really aren’t.

Here’s the thing: I always thought, psh, I was HOMESCHOOLED. And I managed to pull off a 4.0 GPA all the way through high school. And two years of college. All without any groups of any description. So ha.

And okay, so maybe I don’t technically need a group. But when one formed on my little island, comprised of some of my favorite people, well… I wasn’t going to turn them down, was I?

Darn good thing, too. We’ve only had a couple of meetings, so far, but let me tell you. They’re massively helpful. In the first place, it’s super inspiring to hear what we’re all working on. Secondarily, reading my own work out loud to an audience is good practice for the fame that is coming. Sixth and lastly, It’s pretty affirming when they have good things to say about my work. Thirdly, good golly Miss Molly, it’s EXCELLENT motivation to get words down. And, to conclude, just find one and join it. Or start one.

Yes, I did that Dogberry thing again. I think it’s going to become one of my “things.”

Anywhoo, all that being said, I have a writing group meeting tomorrow, and nothing that’s in a shareable state as of yet. Time to get to work. See what I mean about that motivation thing?



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