Crispin Crispian Shall Ne’er Go By.

I was utterly at a loss of what to blog on this singularly uninspiring day. Until, that is, I logged into my trusty Tumblr and saw this:


Yes indeedy, ladies and gents. It’s St. Crispin’s Day.

Feel in need of some rousing?

Or how about something quieter?

Made my mom watch this because she doesn’t get my whole Shakespeare thing… yeah, she was crying by the end and didn’t even realize it. Huzzah.

Are snazzy haircuts more your thing?

Or how about this one. Just plain old stinkin’ adorable.

I mean, he’s doing a better job than I can!

Okay. Feeling inspired? I am.

Go show the rest of this week who’s boss.



One thought on “Crispin Crispian Shall Ne’er Go By.

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