Featuring: Sonnets in Colour.

As I’ve mentioned in last week’s post, I’m in the middle of a distractingly amazing Shakespeare class. One of the loveliest parts of the whole experience is the people I’ve been able to interact with. We all have Shakespeare in common, but otherwise the diversity is incredible. I’ve met a retired lawyer from Cheltenham, a writer/editor/furniture refinisher, and today’s star, Lena Levin, an artist from San Francisco.

I wanted to feature her today, because she is currently in the middle of a project which brings together two of my favorite things; Shakespeare and art.

Her project is called “Sonnets in Colour,” and her goal is to create a painting for each of Shakespeare’s 154 sonnets. Here are three of my favorites:

Sonnet 25: But as a marigold in the sun's eye

Sonnet 25

Sonnet 46: a closet never pierced with crystal eyes

Sonnet 46

Sonnet 55: Not marble, nor the gilded monuments of princes

Sonnet 55

On her blog, which I linked to in the name of the project above, you can read the sonnets along with the paintings, as well as her elegant commentary on the sonnet and her creative process. Well worth a look, if you’re craving some beauty.



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