FutureLearn Something.

This post is basically going to be a plug for a website. But they’re not paying me, I promise. I’ve just been having fun with it, and I figured I’d share.

futurelearn.com is owned by The Open University, and is essentially a place where you can get free online courses in a wildly diverse range of subjects, from Languages & Cultures to Law. I signed up for a couple of classes, one on Shakespeare, and the other on literature and cognitive science.

I know. So geeky.

But I was a little insecure about how the courses would work, so I decided to find a course to try just for fun before those ones started, so I found one that walked me through the process of making a film, from start to finish (or from development to distribution, if I want to get all technical and show off my new knowledge).

I’m in love.

The course was three weeks long, self-paced, and had a good range of projects; from personal research and discussion to watching video interviews with experts in their fields. And being that it’s totally free and not for credit, I can see it being an amazing resource for us writer types who need to do some research. I mean, I could totally write a book that takes place on a film set now without sounding like a complete idiot. I know who answers to who, which AD (Assistant Director) actually gets to yell “Action,” and what those danged clattery things are that they wave around in front of the cameras before they begin the scene.

I’m also pretty well up on my industry slang. “Kill the blonde, wouldja? And grab me a pancake to put under these Baby Legs.”



2 thoughts on “FutureLearn Something.

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