High Rock.

Today is the day when I usually write about writing. But life can’t be all about writing all the time, can it? We’re going to take a break from writing for the day, because I want to show you some photos.

In my “other job” as a Young Life leader, I’ve been able to do some pretty incredible things, not the least of which was yesterday’s day trip with seven crazy kids. We drove up into the mountains, over nine miles of potholes (blasting music all the way), and then hiked up to an old fire lookout station perched on top of a rock.


I took this photo from the parking lot. See that little white box on the tip of the rock? That was our destination.

The views on the way up were stunning.



I mean, honestly.

Of course, scrambling 1.5 miles up the side of a mountain isn’t the easiest thing to do. Especially not for a sea level-dweller like me. I have strong ballerina legs, so muscle-wise I was fine. I just couldn’t breathe.


I made it though. There’s me, sweaty and exhausted, standing on the edge of a freakin’ cliff. Such fun. (Side note: No, it’s not as dangerous as it looks. That does not mean, however, that I will be showing my mom this photo. Discretion is the better part of valor.)

The views from the lookout tower were ridiculous:


Come on now, people. Is this real life?




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