Forget the Good Advice.

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that the second revision of my novel was slowing down. Like, a lot. I was producing about a page a day. I was discouraged and losing my motivation. The plot was still coming along, but the writing itself was dry and mechanical.

But you know what else was happening?

A couple of characters from a new project I’m planning started talking to me.

I fought it for a while, remembering all the advice I have received about sticking to one project at a time, and not allowing yourself to be sidetracked.

Then after a few days, I caved. I just said, “You know what, fine, I don’t even care anymore. This little pooka* in my head won’t shut up, and I’m getting tired of it.”

So I shoved them down on the page. Three pages, actually. In ten minutes.

I’ve done the same thing three more times, and let me tell you, it feels amazing. I’m getting excited to start working again every day, and I’m getting more done.

Basically what I wanted to convey with that story is that no matter how good advice can be, sometimes you have to ignore it and do whatever is calling to you.


*Yeah, an actual pooka. Don’t ask. He’ll make me rich and famous some day.


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