I have a problem, but part of it might not be an actual problem.

Also, I’ve been considering things that begin with the letter ‘M.’ Have you any idea why a raven is like a writing desk?

Sorry, I’m just really excited for this.

But I really do have a problem/not problem.

My ancient laptop has finally sort of died. At least the screen has, and I don’t know the actual extent of the deadness since I can’t actually SEE anything.

So that’s a problem, especially as I’m in the middle of a design job for my Young Life area.

However, during the several days I’ve spent in denial, expecting the thing to magically resurrect, I’ve noticed an interesting trend in my writing. Working longhand has changed my process a little. I find that my thoughts translate into words easier, and I end up with an almost “free-writing” flow, with more personal elements.

I have no idea why this is… something to do with a mind/body connection perhaps? If anybody has insight about this, I’d love to hear it. I also have no idea whether this will be a good thing in the long run, but it’s certainly an interesting. I imagine there might be a similar change if you are used to writing longhand and switch to writing on a computer.

Might be an experiment worth trying if you ever get stuck… Let me know if you try making a switch, especially if anything interesting happens!


2 thoughts on “Problem?

  1. I experienced something like this in the last few weeks. I was stuck while writing a battle scene in my novel. So I switched to writing on my notebook and everything just flowed naturally 🙂 Of course now I have to transfer it all to my laptop. Maybe it’s just the change in the routine. I’ve been continuing the first draft in my notebook. When I’m stuck again, I’ll switch back to writing on my laptop and see if it works the other way 😀


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