Favorite and NotSoMuch.

Well, people, this post is a bit of a latecomer… but I have an excuse! I lead a double life: burbler by day, and Young Life leader by… well, also by day. And I have a Bible study to plan for tomorrow evening. So yeah. Working on that nearly made me forget that I have other duties on Tuesdays.

So congratulations, blog, on being important enough that I didn’t completely forget about you.

I thought it would be fun to make this post somewhat collaborative, so we can all inspire each other. Don’t freak out, I’m not asking you to do anything crazy!  Simply share your favorite and least favorite words down below in the comments, preferably with your reasons for passionate love and burning hatred.

Okay, I’ll start:

My favorite word is “serendipity.” Not only because it’s fun to say and means finding something good without looking for it, but because it originated from A PERSIAN FAIRYTALE. I am not even kidding, people. I’ve never actually heard the full story, but apparently there are these three dudes, the Princes of Serendip, and they go off to sea seeking… well, something. And they keep on bumbling around and not finding whatever they were looking for, but finding all kinds of awesome stuff anyway.

Now tell me that isn’t fabulous.

My least favorite word is “should.” Because ew. Does anybody out there actually like that word?

Alrighty, I’ve done my part. Now it’s your turn.


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