Shakespeare Still Lives.

Well, as you may have noticed if you Googled anything last Saturday, the world and all of its geeks were celebrating Shakespeare’s 452nd birthday/4ooth deathday. Slightly morbid of us, but you know. It was a big deal.


I was partying hard all day (internally, as I went about my usual business in the world), and I haven’t stopped yet. So today you get a little round-up of my top 5 favorite Shakespearean… things.

First off, the ever lovely “Shakespeare Sundays” hosted on Twitter by the ever more lovely Hollow Crown Fans.  Basically, every Sunday they give nerds like me the chance to spew out all my favorite Bard quotes on a given theme. It’s magnificent.

Secondarily, there is Good Tickle Brain, possibly the only Shakespearean Stick-Figure Webcomic in existance. Be sure to check out her Coriolanus and Shakespeare World Cup. Sheer gold. (Oh, just check out everything. I have aggressively clicked every single link on her site several times, I’m sure.)

Sixth and lastly, the Globe Player. This super easy to use website allows you to rent or download amazing performances from Shakespeare’s Globe, including many foreign-language versions, which is totally epic. I downloaded Twelfth Night to celebrate this weekend, and so far I’ve watched it 3 times. #NoRegrets. The website also features amazing free content from Shakespeare Lives and the Sonnet Project, as well as full interviews from Muse of Fire. (Yes, I’ve sneaked in an extra. It’s not cheating, it’s bonus material.)

Thirdly, there is Zounds, Alack, and By My Troth, another webcomic. This one features the Dark Lady herself, making for some pretty adorable stuff like this.

And, to conclude, this. THIS, ladies and gentlemen. It is a First Folio. From the wondrous Folger Shakespeare Library. I cried real tears the first time I was able to read the glorious line,

Gods peace, I would not loofe fo great an Honor,
As one man more me thinkes would fhare from me,
For the beft hope I haue. O, doe not wifh one more:

-Shakefpeare, The Life of Henry the Fift.






Oh, and a big shout-out to you if you happened to catch the Dogberry reference. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to throw that one in.


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