Types of Smart.

Today has been a glorious, basking-around-in-shorts-on-the-back-deck sort of day, and I almost forgot to blog. But in the end, my heart couldn’t bear to let you down, you lovely people with lovely characters who we will continue to explore together.

It’s probably fairly well known by now that IQ isn’t everything. In fact, it’s not a lot. This interesting revolution was brought on by Dr. Howard Gardner, who developed the idea of “Multiple Intelligences” in 1983.

Basically, there are eight different kinds of smart: Kinaesthetic (body smart), Logical (number smart), Intrapersonal (self smart), Visual/Spatial (picture smart), Linguistic (word smart), Interpersonal (people smart), Musical (music smart), Naturalistic (nature smart).

I thought it would be fun to take our characters through a quiz, and find out what kind of smart they are. This could help you to see if your character is ever behaving in a way that wouldn’t be typical in their behavior if they, you know, ACTUALLY EXISTED.

Today’s gameplan:

  1. Take your character through this quiz.
  2. Read up on the types of intelligence here.
  3. Let me know what you’ve discovered about your character down in the comments, or via Twitter, or through telepathy, or however else you can think of.

Now, as usual, it’s time for me to take my faithful, long-suffering Nate through this process for your… entertainment? Edification?

Okay, maybe just for the heck of it.

Anyways, here’s what he got:

Oh, my. Nate, you scored highest in Logical Intelligence. As in, you’re good with numbers. Well, you’re on your own there, buddy. Can’t help ya. Maybe you could help me??? Puzzles, on the other hand… Those I can join in the fun with. I like those things. Just remind me never to try writing you into a math class. Nobody would be convinced.

Next comes Intrapersonal. Hardly surprising, since you’ve really had very little else to think about for 17 years… I was almost surprised you didn’t score highest in this, but then it occurred to me that really, who you are is pretty confusing for you, since you’re not sure where your original leaves off and your self begins… or if you begin at all!

Visual/Spatial takes third. Makes sense, since you love reading atlases (you nerd), and you’re going to grow up to be a photographer.

And then comes Linguistic and Interpersonal tying for fourth, and Naturalistic, Musical, and Kinaesthetic. But those ones hardly even make it on to the graph, to be quite honest. Again, hardly surprising, given your upbringing.

So, overall, I will have to make sure I keep you logical, self-aware, and good with visual matters, and I won’t all of a sudden launch you into gymnastics and turn you into a star. Pretty straight forward, thanks man.


Yes, I’m totally aware that I spent that last section talking to my imaginary friend, and yes, I’m weird.

Deal with it, people.


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