Brain Sides.

For today’s get-to-know-your-characters-through-the-means-of-thorough-dissection post, I thought it would be fun to discover which side of their brain lords it over the rest of them. For people who might somehow be unfamiliar with the idea of dominant brain hemispheres, here’s my highly technical rundown:

Basically, our brains are split in two hemispheres; Right and Left. So far so simple. The right hemisphere tends to be more of an artsy, bohemian type, while the left hemisphere has always wanted to grow up to be Spock. Got that?

Both sides work together to run all of our systems. However, in most of us, one hemisphere tends to be more dominant. Of course, there are exceptions to that rule, myself included. We are the “Balanced Brainers.” Our hemispheres are equally dominant. Mine, I will have you know, is an exact 50/50 split. We usually end up being versatile geniuses or total train wrecks. Come to your own conclusions about my placement on this spectrum.

More to the point, is your character right or left brained? Today’s game plan is simple:

  1. Have your character take this test.
  2. Share the result with your ever-curious blogger friend. Meaning moi.

Here’s how my long-suffering guinea-pig Nate fared:

Right-brained, but not by much.

He got a 48%-52%  split.

See though, the interesting part of this is that there were a few questions that I sort of felt him balking on, as if there was a big part of him that wanted to answer differently. Most of those were the ones on which he answered more classically left-brained. I wonder if, given a different type of upbringing, Nate might have been even more right-dominant? And perhaps, given more time to explore his independence, he will lose some of his more orderly and uptight modes of being. Who knows? An interesting notion to play around with, to be sure.

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