Profile Your Characters.

My post is dreadfully late today, sorry about that… That’ll teach me to leave my research until the last minute, won’t it?

Anyhow, today I thought it would be fun to talk about one way to build a character. I don’t know about all of you, but I’m a huge fan of books with strong characters. In fact, plot is really of only small interest to me. I can be reading a book with a fantastic plot, but if the characters are wobbly, I’ll probably not make it to the end.

I’m also a huge fan of personality profiles. I get that from my mom, who has put my brother and I through every imaginable personality test, from Meyers-Briggs to The Five Love Languages, from the time we were kids.

So I figured, why not do the same with your characters???

Hold up, I just had a thought… I think instead of putting all my ideas into one long, boring post, I’ll do another series!

I like series.

Yes, okay, that’s what we’re doing. Hold your horses, this post is about to chuck a U-ey…

Every Thursday until I run out of profiling methods, I’ll be posting about different methods for developing your characters using personality profiles. For now, I’ll just leave you with some general tips, if you choose to follow along with me on this get-to-know-you trip.

  • You should probably already have a character in mind. I suppose you could try to build an entirely new character with these methods, but it might be easier if you already know them a bit… If you do try to build an entirely new character this way, let me know how it goes!  I’m curious…
  • Some profile methods will have quizzes to accurately identify the profile… If that’s the case, by all means take the quiz yourself, but remember to do it from inside the head of your character! It won’t help much if all your characters end up looking exactly like you… And then take it again for yourself, if you like! It’s fun!
  • Remember to write everything down! This should be an obvious for us writers, but let’s be honest… We’ve all been in that situation where we thought we would remember a thing, and then ten minutes later… wait, what thing? O_O
  • Don’t try to force your character into one type of profile or another… They know themselves well enough to choose their own profile. They just need you to write for them.

Holy moly, that last one sounded pretty woo-woo, didn’t it? But y’all know what I mean.



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