Fry + Gutenberg = <3

Maybe I’m just completely nerding out today, and what I have to share will interest nobody but myself; and yet… I just have to post this. It’s a documentary by Stephen Fry where he and others replicate Gutenberg’s original printing press, make paper and lead type by hand, and re-create a page of the Bible exactly as Gutenberg would have done.

I know. It’s quite possibly the nerdiest thing I’ve ever encountered, but I’m telling you… The first time I watched this (yes, I have viewed it more than once), I got tears in my eyes, a lump in my throat, and blushed like a teenager seeing a hot boy walking her direction. Actually, even as a teen, I never reacted to a boy quite as strongly as I reacted to this video.

So my huge apologies if nobody else in the world is interested in seeing this, but I have to share it anyway. And I figure most of you lovely people are probably bookish people, and where would we all be without the printing press?

Add to that the fact that it’s lead by the inimitable and irrepressible Stephen Fry, and you have groaning, giggling, eye-rolling gold.

I counted seven puns last time I watched this. How many can you catch?


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