Unexpected Bubbly Feelings.

I have yet another unexpected post for you, which incidentally means that I can still save last weeks planned post for a rainy day. (What am I talking about, I live in the Pacific Northwest; it’s always raining…)

Double huzzah.

Today when I opened my emails, I saw a message from the contest that I submitted an essay to earlier this year. My stomach started to churn, as it always does when I’m faced with news that I’ve been waiting for, and I considered not opening the email until… you know… later.

Well, I’m glad I sucked it up and adulted, because I found some lovely news. While my essay didn’t win the contest (and let’s be honest, I would probably have died of shock if it had), the contest manager was kind enough to let me know that my essay made it onto the semi-finalist list! That means that my little essay was in the top third of all the non-fiction work submitted.

The churning quickly turned into fizzy little champagne bubbles. Not that I know anything about champagne bubbles, being a teetotaler, but I’ve heard that they’re little and fizzy.


Know why?

Because that means that I didn’t write garbage! And that means that I can pull it out, dust it off, and fix it up for another market. And that is dreadfully exciting. It’s the first time I haven’t felt like “Oh, dear, somebody please put this thing into cryogenic stasis so I don’t have to look at it again for about two thousand years.”

That’s an important thing for us creative types, isn’t it? I mean, some of us are incredibly blessed to have thick hides and an everlasting well of enthusiasm for our own work, but I’m guessing that a lot of us are more the shrivel-up-into-a-dark-little-hole types, and we have to develop the hide.

So for me to be not only not lying on the floor whimpering in a pool of my own tears (exaggeration for effect, don’t worry), but to actually feel energized by the news is really, really exciting.

And I mean, hey… top third is nothing to sneeze at, right? As long as there were more than three entries.*





*There were 180 entries.

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