Learning from Nathan Englander.


“Turn off your cell phone. Honestly, if you want to get work done, you’ve got to learn to unplug. No texting, no email, no Facebook, no Instagram. Whatever it is you’re doing, it needs to stop while you write. A lot of the time (and this is fully goofy to admit), I’ll write with earplugs in — even if it’s dead silent at home.”

I started out feeling rather smug about this. I mean, I’m the girl who literally HATES communicating directly with humans, so this is no problem, right?

But… butbutbut… but… Instagram? I’m not aloud to take a five-minute (ten minute, half an hour) Instagram break?

Well what about Tumblr? He didn’t say no Tumblr, did he? Loophole! Snigger snigger snigg… aw, man.

Sigh. Okay, fine.


This post is the ninth in a series based on this article by James Clear, featuring quotes and reflections on the routines of twelve famous authors.


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