Okay, so I know it’s Sunday, and therefore you aren’t expecting a post from me, and also this has nothing to do with my writing… But guess what? Today is the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt.

A happy few of us Shakespeare nerds, banded together in brother-and-sisterhood by Good Tickle Brain herself, roused us at the name of Crispian.

I’m so thrilled and thankful to be part of this heroic and historic project. Check it out, it’s worth a watch.

(By the way, I’ve discovered that it’s really fun in a humiliating sort of way to stand all alone in a public park and repeat “Be in their flowing cups freshly remember’d” over and over again. Especially when you don’t notice cute old ladies walking their poodles or little families with butterfly nets 20 feet behind you. Fortunately, there is a college just over the hill from where I was standing, and a mental hospital right across the street, so I’m sure they didn’t think I was too strange…)


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