Business (Not) As Usual.

Two things, people:

  1. There is a change in the wind. I’m finding that blogging three times a week is getting to be a bit too much for me, as life is heating back up as the weather cools. Therefore, I will be switching my schedule to blogging on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Tuesday will be my day for sharing some kind of inspiration, just as Mondays have been, and Thursdays will be a continuation of both Wednesday and Friday’s themes. I will be sharing either something about my learning curve / writing process, OR an excerpt of my writing, if I feel like it is worth sharing. Sound good? I figure it’s better to downsize a little and stay consistent, rather than letting it get patchy and perhaps giving up all together.
  2. Okay, I must confess that part of my decision is based on the fact that once again, I have nothing to share. Some weeks just aren’t good. But as a word of encouragement to all the writers out there who probably know exactly what I’m talking about, these bad weeks are NOT business as usual. They are passing issues. Life goes on, and nothing lasts forever.

While I’m in the vein of honesty, I’ll say that the reason I haven’t been writing consistently (apart from being super busy prepping for my Young Life area’s 10th year anniversary celebration banquet) is because there has been a lot of plain old ugliness in the periphery of my life, and it keeps wanting to pour out like vomit as soon as I uncap my pen. Now, I certainly believe that there is a place for pain and, yes, even ugliness in writing, but (as I shared here on Monday) I don’t like it for its own sake. I personally don’t want to share any writing about ugliness unless there is a flip side that shows a reason, or offers some kind of redemption, and as of yet, I haven’t seen any in the situations I’ve been writing about.

Well, that’s really all I have to say…

Oh, hang on! That’s a really dark and depressing note to end on. I hasten to add, for the benefit of my friends who I know go creepering around on this blog (Love you, Lizzie!), that none of the ugliness directly pertains to me. I’m actually doing absolutely fine. Life’s good. It’s just that some situations that I’m indirectly involved in are messy, and it’s intruding on my spirit.

So anyways. See you on Tuesday, folks!


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