A Genius In Slapshoes.

Buster Keaton

“You can’t be a genius in slapshoes and a flat hat.”
Pardon me, Buster, but I beg to differ.

Today’s post is terribly late. Sorry, people. I’ve been busy all day getting my new shop on Society6 set up. You should totally go check it out.


There isn’t much there yet, but I quite like it anyway.

Okay, now that I have that bit of shameless self-promotion out of the way, let’s get down to business.

Serious business.

We’re going to be talking about one of my biggest crushes inspirations of all time, the incomparable Buster Keaton.

Actually, we’re not really going to talk about him. I’m just going to show him to you. As he put it, “Silence is golden. Only monkeys chatter.”

Yes, I made this video. I’m rather proud of it.

Buster deserves a much longer post. In fact, I can happily chatter on and on for hours about this amazing little man, given half an opportunity. But it’s late and I’m tired, so that’s all for now, folks!


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