Like The Movies.


This amazing photo is by Joakim Wahlander, who is awesome enough to allow it to be used non-commercially under this license.

Last Wednesday, I wrote about those days when writing just isn’t happening. Those days where the words scatter in all directions as you futilely chase after first one, then another, then another, and end up exhausted and empty handed.

Those days suck.

But then there are those days where everything just comes to you. The words flow in an endless stream, and you can barely type or scribble fast enough. Then writing is like going to the movies. Your characters are up on the big screen of your mind; walking, talking, doing their thing, and you’re just along for the ride.

I imagine I’m not alone in saying that those are the days I live for.

Of course, seldom if ever does good writing come out of those days. Usually, you are so frantic to get the scenes down that the words come out choppy and terribly inelegant. But that’s what revision is for, right?


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