Stick With It.


No matter what your endeavor, this is true. It comes across most clearly in my own life when I think about my nearly thirteen years of training in classical ballet.

Although I started to dance at an age when most dancers have been training for over half of their short lives, I stuck with it, swallowing the humiliation of being twice as tall as the other members of my beginning class, and struggling through the most basic exercises.

I really wanted to dance.

These days, while I’m not Misty Copeland by any stretch of the imagination, many of the things I had to fight so hard for, and failed to accomplish over and over, are second nature to me, and in fact are part of my literal warm up routine.

It’s encouraging to remember that the same principle holds true for anything that you want badly enough to fight for.

Oh, and one last thought… more often than not, the fighting doesn’t resemble a glorious battle straight out of Lord of the Rings. The toughest fighting comes with endless pliés (boring knee bends) and ronds des jambes (tracing boring circles with your legs).


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