Where Have I Been?

I’m baaaaaaack!

Malibu Club

Not a too shabby place to spend a week, eh?
(Oh, lordy, I just made a Canada pun. Forgive me.)

Actually, I got home from Canada on Friday, did massive loads of laundry on Saturday (instead of going to my dance classes like I should have), then my brother and I went to a mindblowingly (Yes, yes, Spellcheck, don’t give me that red zigzag. I’m perfectly aware of my invention. If Shakespeare can do it, I can too.) amazing concert by Of Monsters And Men in Redmond’s Marymoor park.

Pardon the blurriness. My phone was too excited.

Pardon the blurriness. My phone was too excited.


Then we went to the Century Ballroom in Seattle and danced until the early hours of Monday morning. A few hours later, we met a friend for brunch.

Then I came home and slept for twelve hours.

Normal blogging will resume on either Friday or Monday, depending on whether or not I have any writing to share.


3 thoughts on “Where Have I Been?

    • Goodness, thank you for commenting! For some reason I just got the notification. I absolutely ADORE Century. It’s my happy place. I’m going to go ahead and link to the website in the post, I can’t believe it didn’t occur to me at the time.


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