I Brought my Muse on Vacation.

And boy, is she loving it! (Actually, I’m not sure my muse is a she… muses shouldn’t be limited by gender in this enlightened age, now should they? I bet my muse is a Shakespeare-quoting British Hottie–ahem!–Gentleman.)

Ocean and Trees

Anyways, he/she is obviously fond of these surroundings, because the ideas are seriously flowing.


The inspiration has come from all sorts of random places today. I decided to write about an awkward family vacation, because, awkward or otherwise, I’m on vacation right now with my parents and my older brother, and that’s always good food for conflict.

Whenever I’m standing at the edge of the ocean, I get this wild urge to run and dive and swim out as far as I can, and hang the consequences. I don’t do it, of course, because this is after all the ocean, and I can barely dog paddle. But I thought that that would make a nice starting point.

From there, I got out my trusty little Pocket Muse.

Pocket Muse

This is an absolutely beautiful little book that I picked up about a month ago, which is filled with beautiful photos, quotes, prompts, and pep talks. This time, I flipped it open at random, and the prompt was to use a figurative phrase as the basis of whatever I would write. I Googled common figurative phrases, and found “to take the bit in one’s teeth.”

I immediately heard an overly friendly middle-aged man saying “Yes sir, she really knows how to take the bit in her teeth,” to an older couple who are not really interested.


Story idea.

Isn’t it interesting how so many separate little instances, situations, and feelings can come together into one work of art, whatever it may be? I guess that’s why it is so important to be an observer of your own life. To let everything in, to revel in the happenings, be they big or small, exiting or mundane, painful or exhilarating.

As Derek Walcott says, “Feast on your life.”

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