Yulin “Festival” of Brutality.

Dogs in a cage

These dogs are either farmed for their meat, or are family pets that were stolen for the festival.

I know this has nothing to do with writing, but it’s a subject that is very nearly tearing my heart out, and I would like to spread the word:

On the 21st of June, China will begin celebrating the Yulin Dog Meat Eating Festival. While that in and of itself is rather horrible, the brutality and barbarism goes far beyond this…

Dog burned alive

It is believed that the more pain and fear the dog experiences, the better the meat will taste, due to the amount of adrenaline surging through their bodies.

Dog boiled alive.

These dogs are being boiled alive. Can we as humans allow this to go on?

To celebrate this “Festival,” thousands of dogs will be beaten to death, or skinned, boiled, or burned alive.

If you believe that this kind of “Festival” has no place in humanity, please add your voice to this petition.

I apologize if anybody found this post disturbing, but honestly, you SHOULD be disturbed. How can we allow this kind of inhumanity to continue?

*All of the images in this post are from Google. Just do a quick search, go ahead. I didn’t even include some of the worst photos.


One thought on “Yulin “Festival” of Brutality.

  1. Reblogged this on elisabeth anne writes things and commented:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the world only contained beautiful things? Flowers, birds, and blue skies forever. And only inspiration on Tuesday afternoons.
    But life isn’t like that. Today it’s time to talk again about one of the ugly things in the world.
    The updated link to the petition is:



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