A Change of Scene.


The writing has not been going well this week. I tried to handle my short-circuiting brain by barricading myself in my room, saying, “You can’t do anything fun until your characters do something interesting.”

I ended up with two wasted days, and a lot of wasted paper.

Today I said, “Well, heck, I’m doing awful work anyway, might as well be doing it somewhere nice.”

So I took my notebook down to the lake. (A quick, two-block walk from my house, lucky, lucky me!)


This was my desk today.

Guess what? I got three pages of halfway decent material, because I decided to take my characters out on a lake as well. Sometimes all it takes to get your brain functioning again is a change of scene.

Have you invisible Blogland people ever benefited from a change of scene? I want to hear your story!


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