My name is Elisabeth, and I’m currently becoming a writer. I will now extend my hand in a socially inept manner through cyberspace, because I’m the type of person who never figured out that shaking hands just isn’t cool, and people of my generation simply don’t do it anymore.

I’m starting this blog because I’ve heard that it’s good for writers to have a blog, but also because I’ve always wanted to start one, and never found a good excuse. So I’m excited. Also, it’s 10:27 at night, and I’m exhausted, which is when I’m always at my most brave. Or perhaps I’m simply beyond caring. Either way, I’ve discovered that nighttime is a great time to jump off cliffs.

Having never blogged before, I don’t really know how this will end up, but at the moment my loose plan is to write weekly posts about my writer’s learning curve, and throw in some random things that I find inspiring, whether they be books, songs, poems, or gloriously artsy music videos.

Sound good? Okay.


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